A listing of the pepeemints' memes

All time memes


- gaby blocking remi


Involved: Remi

Ramiel is an angel from the popular anime series "Neon Genesis Evangelion". The angel has the form of a large, blue octahedron. Remi seems to be attracted to Ramiel since he describes the angel as "smexe" and claims to be "Ramiel_fucker69" despite being a divine powerful being.


Involved: Ratbalds

The "Ohaco-san (Box man) vs. Mothman vs. Ramiel"-conflict

Involved: Ratbalds

The Ratbalds were fighting for the superiority of either Ohaco-san, a man with a box head from the video game "Wizard of White Box; Mothman, a cryptid; and Ramiel, an angel from the anime series "Neon Genesis Evangelion".

The parties:

Ohaco-san: Gaby and Meg

Mothman: Saia

Ramiel: Remi


Involved: Gaby, Keno, Meg, Remi


Touken Ranbu Twitter bots

Involved: Gaby, Saia, Remi, Yohan

Ladder oder step-ladder?

Involved: Div, Gaby,

This discourse can be grouped in two groups: The ladder discourse and the Touken Ranbu Twitter bots ladder discourse.

The ladder discourse:

The parties:



The Touken Ranbu Twitter bots ladder discourse:



"sougo is da best"


Pikachu ¿es gay????????????

Involved: Ratbalds and Yohan


I vape dog meme

"nghh im a thirsty little flower"

why is the photo bleeding

The dentist meme

- mr dentist I may not have brushed my teeth but my ass smells like dream

Gayless (aka #GaysAgainstSaia)


The Pepeemints

Several memes fall under category

Involved: Meg, Remi and Saia

Honourable mentions: Ethan, Gaby

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